Festivals & Series:
Are you a chamber of commerce or city that
wants music in the park or under the gazebo
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We do music:
Promote local bands, communities &
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Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys
The Jill Jack Band
Parties & Weddings:
If you are looking for fantastic music for
your party, wedding or reception visit our
weddings page or contact us at
586.484.8797 or info@2stonesevents.com.
The Millionaires
Photo Steve Galli
Photo Steve Galli
Wednesday - 7 to 9pm
RLife Live Music Series
November 5 - Chris Brantley solo
November 12 - Julianne Anklely Duo
The Baronette Renassiance Hotel - Novi

Thursdays - 7 to 10pm
Ladies Nite w/ solo acoustic pop/rock
tober 30 - Daarwin Mamassian
November 6 - Julie Haven
November 13 - Ted J. Reed

Brighton Bar & Grill

Thursday - 6 to 8pm
Voices for Vets
October 30 - the Flutter and Wow
food supplied by
Steve & Rocky's
Northville Square, downtown Northville
November 6 - The Jill Jack Trio
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